Rius i Taulet Square

Work of documentary animation realized in super8 film. Random portrait of the people who inhabit the Rius I Taulet Square of Barcelona any day.

Produced in the context of the initiative of Jesús Ramos Huete "GRACIA EXQUISITA" (2000), a collective production shot in super 8 in which different artists and filmmakers present different views of the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona. "Plaza Rius I Taulet" is the title of the piece produced in this context by Utray-Lamadrid.

The directors of the collective work were: Mar Ximenis, Denise Castro, Guillem Ventura, Mario Torrecillas, Agustín Villaronga, Joan Marimón Padrosa, Jordi Marcos, Armand Rovira, Elisabeth Prandi, Utray-Lamadrid, Oriol Sánchez, Guillem Riera, Joaquin Torres, Guillem Morales, Alvar Puig, Jesús Ramos.

Title: Plaza Rius I Taulet.
Authors: Utray-Lamadrid.
Production: Utray-Lamadrid.
Duration: 00:03:42.
Year: 1999.
Language: spanish.
Subtile: original version.
Original format: film Super 8.
Format: DVD|Betacam.
TV system: PAL.
Color: color.
Sound: stereo.
Licence: copyleft.