Experiencia vital concentrada

Videoart as accumulator of artistic energy. Composed of a series of 4 short pieces ("Concentrated Vital Experience", "88 Steps", "Glory Mechanisms", Illogical Is A Perspective Effect) that combine a disparate material image, text and verbal expression, and drive the parallel meaningless process to a completely arbitrary moment. The energy released by this process is stored in the video and can be used at any time.

"Concentrated Life Experience" video was exhibited at the Muestra de Arte Joven (1990) of Instituto de la Juventud.

Title: Concentrated vital experience.
Authors: Utray-Lamadrid.
Production: Utray-Lamadrid, in collaboration with Kunstakedemie Düsseldorf
and Junta de Andalucía
Duration: 00:05:35.
Year: 1989.
Language: spanish.
Subtitle: original version.
Original format: U-Matic.
Formats: DVD|Betacam.
TV system: PAL.
Color: color.
Sound: stereo.
Licence: copyright.