Seven Mountains and Seven Rivers

Videodance from improvisations of the dancers Juan Domínguez and Iñaki Azpillaga on a soundtrack by Miguel Ángel Presas. Vocal soundtrack composed with the imaginary confessions of the actress Natalie Pinot. A whole catalog of overflowing emotions barely contained by the dance. Video that is part of a series of video portraits by Utray-Lamadrid that, like "Passé Parfait" and "Panes y Azotes", show the interest of the authors for the musical reorganization of videographic material. This work was awarded by Madrid Capital Cultural 1992.

First Prize at the Conde Duque Cultural Center Video Festival, Madrid European Capital of Culture (1992); Awarded for the best video plot at the Claudio Guarín Video Festival, Alcalá de Guadaira, Seville (1992).

Title: Seven Mountains And Seven Rivers.
Authors: Utray-Lamadrid.
Dancers: Juan Domínguez e Iñaki Azpillaga.
Actress: Natalie Pinot.
Production: Utray-Lamadrid in collaboration whith C.D.M.C.,
David Bernardo, Consejería de Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid,
Gen Lock S.A.
Duration: 00:10:46.
Year: 1992.
Language: spanish.
Subtitles: original version.
Original format: U-Matic.
Format: DVD|Betacam.
TV system: NTSC|PAL.
Color: color.
Sound: stereo.
Soundtrack: Miguel Ángel Presas.
license: copyright.